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An Interview with Ian Huen and Darren Lui, Co-Founders of Aenco, World's First Blockchain-Based Healthcare Financial Solutions

The global healthcare IT market is anticipated to reach USD 104.5 billion by 2020, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc. How could blockchain technologies empower healthcare innovations? We might think the process to digitize healthcare has been slow but surprisingly, for healthtech innovators, the "Smart Contract' component to blockchain is incredibly promising, as about 35% of healthcare related companies expressed interest in its adoption. In this interview, Co-Founders of Aenco, Ian Huen and Darren Lui, shared on how their latest blockchain project could build a strong community and financial ecosystem for healthcare startups and entrepreneurs.

Courtesy of Aenco Team

Ian Huen (IH) – Co-Founder of Aenco
Darren Lui (DL) – Co-Founder of Aenco

1. Can you tell us what is "Aenco"?

IH: Aenco is the world's first end-to-end blockchain-based healthtech financial solutions platform with the objective to support healthtech entrepreneurialism, innovation and research. We will capitalize on the strengths of distributed ledger technology, and to also collaborate with healthtech companies on blockchain application development and financial solutions support, through the Aenco solutions platform.

2. What solutions does the Aenco platform offer?

IH: The Aenco solutions platform is supported by three major technology pillars including the Aenco IB Solutions, Aenco Prime Solutions and Aenco Smartcap Solutions Platforms. Together with our in-house blockchain application development arm, our entire platform's ecosystem will be fueled by our AEN token. AEN will be adopted across the multi-disciplinary platforms to support all solution and development activities by Aenco and its ecosystem including users from the general healthtech community, academic institutions and collaborating partners.

3. What exactly is "IB Solutions"?

DL: Yes! Aenco IB Solutions will cover the launch of our smart wallet app ("AEN Connect") that will act as the portal for all of Aenco's technology roll outs including, a token launcher and token sponsorship platform, token escrow account service, Aenco's trading exchange platform ("AENX"), data analytics, and ongoing Aenco's research coverage portal of the token issuers. Aenco IB Solutions will connect our AEN token holder community pre-emptively to some exciting healthtech token opportunities sponsored and supported by Aenco.

4. Besides IB Solutions, what kind of financial solutions does Aenco offer?

DL: In order to better manage all aspects of our sponsored project companies and to ensure sufficient liquidity support post offering, Aenco Prime Solutions and Aenco Smartcap Solutions will provide a decentralized prime brokerage platform to support collateralized digital assets lending and borrowing, p2p based financing pools interfacing major digital assets and eventually fiat currencies, regulatory and user reporting protocols, decentralized custodial, settlement, margining and clearing service, alternative financing platform and OTC product launcher. Through these solutions, our sponsored projects as well as community members will have a wide variety of avenues to participate and grow our ecosystem on a multi-directional basis.

5. How can all these financial services add up and help healthcare companies to grow?

IH: Biggest challenge to healthcare and healthtech is the often lack of community support and isolated ecosystems which have not been able to promote their emergence and growth. Our three pillars combined fueled by our AEN, and supported by Aenco's group in-house blockchain research and application development capabilities, will completely revolutionize the healthtech industry and accelerate the emergence of some exciting healthtech projects that will transform day to day lives. Aenco already has planned for at least four transformational healthtech projects for launch and collaboration within the next 15 months, firstly via its direct community and ecosystem partners.

6. Who would be your usual collaborative partners?

IH: Aenco's core objective is to identify and empower entrepreneurs and companies that may have deep societal impact potential in the healthcare and health technology sector, for example, such as delivering projects which include (but not limited to) focusing on clinical treatment of rare diseases, therapeutic drug research or repurposing, big data research in genomics or bioinformatics, medical services and incubators/facilitators of early stage healthcare technology research, etc.

7. As I know, activities on Aenco are fuelled by its own token, AEN. Can you share with us the advantages of holding AEN tokens?

DL: The AEN Token holder is entitled to automated platform membership, via AEN Connect wallet, to all of Aenco's suite of financial solutions platform. Token holders will have priority and exclusive membership access to pipeline opportunities such as pre-emptive sponsored token allocations based on a "proof of AEN stake" concept as well as hugely beneficial commission entitlements across the full range of our product platform such as the AENX and Smartcap solutions products. Token holders will also enjoy digital asset financing opportunities at discounted rates or premium rates in our p2p financing Prime Solutions platform. Our IB Solutions, Prime Solutions and Smartcap Solutions platforms will also support on a B2B basis wholesale access to our product suite for further extension of the business ecosystem, again on a "proof of stake" basis for existing AEN Token holders.

8. It sounds like a promising project. What is the long term vision of Aenco?

IH: With the global population trend, the need for medical innovations are becoming more and more important for the betterment and elongation of human life, so the need for medical innovation is one of the most important juncture of human evolution; and with this, we need to collectively support healthcare and health technology research and development. We need an ecosystem to support each other in the advancement of medical technologies. The whole purpose of Aenco is to give these projects the support - the ecosystem, so as they can realize their full potential in changing our day to day lives.

9. How can we participate in this exciting project?

DL: We have launched our exciting website at where you can find all the information you need to join our AEN community. Details of will be released shortly through our website and all our community channels. We highly recommend you start registering so that you can receive first-hand the latest information on how to join our community pre-emptively. Stay tuned with us.

10. Finally, a quick summary on Aenco?

IH: Fintech solutions, collaborative blockchain application development and health technology under one umbrella. By combining such, we can deliver an extremely powerful end-to-end solution for the healthtech industry so that we can bring forward some of these very promising and exciting projects that can really change human lives and our day to day values.

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