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Business Advice From Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what it takes to reach the level of success that you have been dreaming of? There is no better resource than studying the success of those who have done it themselves! Below is a list of successful entrepreneurs you should learn from. The business advice from this group of entrepreneurs is collectively worth millions.

Casey Adams, CEO of Build Your Empire

One of my biggest lessons in business is to have partners who you can trust. People who are all in for the same core purpose, and put their ego aside. Having the ability to be transparent with your team is very valuable, and it's what will make or break a team. Focus on the relationships within your organization, and the rest will be a lot easier.

Dillon Kivo, Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily

Focus on positioning your company to stand out from the competition. Your brand needs to constantly be mentioned in major publications as a pillar in your industry. Perception is reality. When people see your company in the media you instantly become credible and gain authority in the niche you serve.

Myke Metzger, Author of "Credibility Method"

When first starting a business, the current people around you may not be able to see you as a future success. Mainly because most of them have probably known you for some time. Think about your parents, siblings, and closest friends. They already know "who you are", which makes it very difficult for them to understand the change you're trying to make or the journey you are on.

Kosta Lanis, Co-Founder of Nature's Green CBD

Over the years, I've learned that not all advice is good advice. Even if it's from friends or family. My #1 rule is to never take unqualified advice from anyone because let's say you're in the process of trying to launch a major company or just a small town business, it's most likely that your friends and/or family have only worked a job their whole life, therefore their advice on what you should or should not be doing is irrelevant.

Andrew Koz, Founder of Brainz Power
Play the numbers game. Be courageous and take as many at-bats as you can. If you're looking for a mentor and only ask 5 people you might leave with none if you reach out to 500 you're sure to get 1. In business 1 major turn can change everything so take as many shots as possible especially while you're young.

Richard Beuttner, Artist

The goal is not to become rich but happy. Once your own energy level is high enough you will attract other high-level people and others will naturally feel drawn to you. Then you just need a product to share and serve these people.

Kharen Minasian Co-Founder of S.T.O.R.M.

Be real and don't fall for the hype as it will only lead to disappointment and a waste of time. Surround yourself with a genuine circle of men and women with morals, hard work ethic, and integrity. Do what is right and not what is easy.

Brosnan C. Hoban, President & CEO of QuickPix LLC

Business is all about the connections you form and the relationships you develop. I've learned to never burn bridges, you never know if you'll need to cross it again. Business relationships should be transactional in nature. You provide a service to them & they provide a service to you & within that, there should be an exchange. Build relationships, not enemies.

Avi Grondin, CEO of Variance Marketing

My advice to all young entrepreneurs is to initially figure out why you want to be successful. After that's acknowledged, you'll be able to have a guiding force within your brain keeping you reminded as to why you're working those late hours, and putting on the added stress from the hard work that comes along with running a business. Then, you need to find a market that's growing and simply learn as much as you can, as fast as humanly possible.

Brodie Kern, Founder of Wake Up Wealthy

The entrepreneurs who will see the biggest ROI this year will be the ones who work on their mind, body, and spirit. Commit to investing 80% of your time, energy, attention and money into your Mind, Body, Spirit, and 20% into your Business. Because remember nothing changes if nothing changes.

TK Kubvoruno, CEO & Founder University Viral

After 6 years of entrepreneurship and generating millions in revenue, I've learned that your success is a reflection of your team and the depths of your relationships. Your responsibility as a leader is to organize, train, and equip your people to accomplish the goals and tasks based on what your mission is. Don't get caught up in the money, accolades, and the numbers that you forget about your people.

Braydon Ross, Founder of Ross Consulting

Ask yourself this. If you were the last person on earth would those designer clothes, private jets, exotic cars, mansion in the hills and the need to feel accepted by posting your best-edited pictures to social media matter anymore? If not, then why do you feel the need to constantly impress people you don't even like? Live for you, stay focused, be humble and honest and I promise you will make it

Beth and Kelly, Co-Founders Main & Rose

One of the most important things to remember is that you can do anything but not everything. You need to ensure that you and your team are working towards the same goal and not try to accomplish too much at once. Focus is key.

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