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Badly Done


This story appears in the March 2003 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

My original intention was to devote this column to leadershipand how the old rules no longer apply. Then again, neither do thenew ones (circa late '90s). So what's an todo? Well, I got sidetracked (I'll get there in a moment), so ifyou want to find out how to lead your business to increasedsuccess, read "Lead theWay."

Now for what distracted me. I have often heard entrepreneursdecrying their larger (much larger) competitors for stealing theirbusiness. We have long advocated that one way to fight back is toprovide what the big guys don't. That can be more convenienthours, personalized services, customer or a generousreturn policy. Or it could be as simple as good, old-fashionedcustomer service.

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