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Become a Sales Expert Without Leaving Your Chair Our picks for the best sales and marketing Web sites around

By Kimberly L. McCall

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

My favorite part of the Web doesn't have much to do with allthe exaltations that it's changing every social, economic andbusiness variable here on our third rock from the sun. Rather, Isee it as providing a new standard of literacy and helping to levelthe field for entrepreneurs. The Web has made it possible for justabout anyone thinking about going into business to do duediligence. It's also provided a way for those business ownerswho can't afford to outsource their marketing and publicrelations efforts to learn about those disciplines and becomemarketers themselves.

But despite the Web's innumerable payoffs, it's still abit like cable TV: Just because you have 4.3 trillion choicesdoesn't mean you'll find anything worthwhile. That'swhy I sorted through more than 100 sites to share my picks for thebest Web resources for entrepreneurs looking to learn more aboutmarketing, advertising and public relations. All the sites arefree, although some do require a sign-in. So without furtherado...

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