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By Degrees

You can show highly educated employees the corporate ropes--but you'd better do it step by step.

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Every employer wants to hire smart people, and now there may beeven more from which to choose. It's projected that from 2000to 2010, the number of jobs filled by people with Ph.D.s willincrease nearly 25 percent, according to the Bureau of LaborStatistics. Ph.D.s are valued in jobs requiring a high degree ofspecialization. Computer science, health care and biotech are justa few areas where Ph.D.s are making their mark.

But when Ph.D.s meet MBAs, watch out. "You have theaction-oriented MBA [saying] 'What's the bottom line?'Then you have your Ph.D. who's the think tank," saysJoshua Estrin, president of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, businessconsulting firm Concepts in Success. "It's a wonderful mix.But when it doesn't work, it's like oil andwater."

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