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Customer Comeback

Getting those customers who have strayed back in the fold takes creative measures.

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Here's another way to bring lost customers back to yourbusiness: reactivation vouchers. Mail a $20 no-strings-attachedvoucher to any customers you haven't seen in six months orlonger. Few can turn it down, and still fewer will spend only$20.

This effort can be especially successful if you also plan to runsales promotions at the same time. A small, independent music storetried this in November, figuring the period just before theholidays was a good time to have a "25 percent off"promotion. "Absentee" customers were encouraged to usetheir voucher for any of their sale items (CDs, tapes, videos,etc.) and stock up for the holidays.

Excerpted from 303 Marketing Tips: Guaranteed To Boost YourBusiness

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