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Fortune Seller

Tough cookie Brad Edwards has a gift for making fortunes.

This story appears in the February 1997 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

Brad Edwards wasn't about to let misfortune get himdown--even when an industrial accident ended his career in thefamily's printing , where he'd worked since age 13.The former mechanic and plant manager turned life's twist offate into a new career as president of My Inc. His SanFrancisco-based company manufactures and sells clear acrylic glassfortune as wedding favors, business promotions andcorporate premium gifts.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur came up with the idea for apermanent, transparent fortune cookie while searching for a gift tothank his girlfriend, who loves fortune cookies, for her supportduring his recovery. He asked a glass blower to design a specialfortune cookie, but when he learned that glass wouldn't work,Edwards settled on molded acrylic. He created a message for hisgirlfriend, had it inserted into the cookie, and presented his giftin a Chinese-food take-out container.

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