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This story appears in the September 1997 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

When financial consultant Joe Ely drove an hour and a halfwithout an appointment to see a banker on behalf of one of hisclients, he found the banker wasn't in and wouldn't be inat all that day. "I needed a concession (on the exact legaldescription of a loan's collateral) from the banker, so it wasthe type of meeting where I didn't want an appointment,"says Ely, whose West Lafayette, Indiana, firm, Douglas JacksonPierce LLC, works with agribusinesses--farmers, ranchers and otherbusinesses directly serving the agriculture industry. "Ibelieved I needed to see the banker's body language, eyes andsense of ease (or unease) with the suggestion."

A waste of time? Not at all. "Even though the bankerwasn't in, I left a handwritten note with my business cardattached," Ely says. "My going there had communicated theimportance of the deal, so the ensuing discussion yielded muchbetter results."

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