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Men At Work

Franchisee finds a new source of employees.

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Some say "altruistic owner" is an oxymoron.If that's your feeling, look what Greg Grice is doing with hisUniglobe Destiny in Clarksville, . In May,Grice hired and began training 30 inmates from a nearbyminimum-security to work in a travel agency call centerwithin the prison walls. "We've tried to make it as muchof a free-world experience as possible," says Grice, "sowhen they get out, they can have references and skills, andimmediately be productive members of society."

To allay customers' potential fears about dealing withcriminals, the workers' access to personal and financialinformation is restricted. They answer phones, and clients areinformed that they are talking to prisoners. "There won'tbe any surprises," says Grice. "Everyone will know whothey're dealing with. In many ways, using inmates is a sellingpoint because we [can] pass the savings along to theclient."

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