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Your store may not be a big, city-slicker business, but even a small-town shop can still get customers through its doors.

By Paul and Sarah Edwards • Jul 1, 2003

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Q: I have aclothing store and hair salon business in a very small town. Howcan I get people to come through my doors and shop here? It seemsthat people would rather shop somewhere else, like in a big city,instead of saying they bought something from a smalltown.

Name withheld

A: We live in asmall community of less than 2,000 people, so we see firsthand howpeople in businesses like yours get people in the door and makesales. As with big-city retail, location can be important. Beingnext to the town coffee shop means you'll be seen. But evenwithout street traffic, small-town merchants can still getbusiness.

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