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Out on a Limb

Finding capital in today's battered market means taking risks.

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Fred Marinari, 36, and his two partners at The Aventine GroupLLC see real opportunity in the $300 million market for oncologydata management. By centralizing information about patients'diagnoses and treatments in the Cancer Registry, and making itaccessible via the Internet, "the quality of care and theability of the patient to manage the process goes way up," hesays.

But the trio (which includes Ed Krasovec, 40, and MichaelGallagher, 54) won't get much further without an infusion ofexpansion capital. Life would have been a lot easier if they'dstarted searching for capital for their Doylestown, Pennsylvania,business a couple of years ago. The fact is, capital is much, muchharder to come by now. Marinari and his partners, who are lookingfor $125,000 as a prelude to a $1.5 million deal, may have to putup some of their own cash before getting any help from the outside.For the partners at Aventine, as with so many entrepreneurs thesedays, it's time to consider guerrilla financing tactics thatjust weren't necessary in the late '90s. Here are someoptions to consider:

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