Protect Your Company Secrets

Put these three tips into practice to keep your company secrets from reaching your competitors' ears.

No business is safe from being snooped on. Sure, you may be ableto find all the information you ever thought you needed about yourcompetition, but you should also make certain you aren't givingaway the store. Here are some preventive measures to take that willhelp you avoid the most common competitive intelligence raids:

  • Control the spin. Delete old press releases after apredetermined amount of time has gone by. The information containedin them could give your competitors a time line of your productdevelopment cycle-and that gives them a competitiveadvantage.
  • Keep your talent under wraps. Withhold profiles of key staffersyou might normally put on your Web site. They're a handyresource for headhunters and competitors.
  • Stay hack-free. Invest in a good firewall to separate your Website from online fulfillment systems and e-mail. If computerhackers get in through these systems, they can learn a lot aboutyou. You might even consider setting up a separate computer systemfor internal data.

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