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Ready to Open for Business? Those pre-first-day jitters are natural. But if you've prepared properly, you have no reason to worry.

By Karen E. Spaeder

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This weekend my sister is getting married. As such, there willbe more family and friends at my parents' house than any of ushave seen in a long time--actually, ever, because thereception is at my parents' house, and the guest list isquickly approaching 100.

All of this, of course, is rapidly leading to a state a panic atthe Spaeder household. On top of all the wedding preparationstaking place, at the moment we've got three infants and twotoddlers (my sisters' kids) in the house, demanding every ounceof attention my sisters, parents and I have to offer. It'senough to make a perfectly sane person throw a fit when there'sno toilet paper in the bathroom or someone drank the last of theorange juice.

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