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Where to get the best computer deals

This story appears in the August 1999 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

If you're looking for a new computer for your , youdon't have time to shop 'til you drop. Computer buyingoptions are proliferating like bunnies. So where should you go(physically or virtually) for your next system? We've narrowedyour options down to , online and custom via an onlinecomputer retailer or value-added reseller. We're skipping overmail order because those companies all have strong Web presenceswith more up-to-date information.

It's good to decide what you want before you run through thejungle. Are you looking for a general business machine, graphicspowerhouse, multimedia monster, Mac or PC? Small-business computerconsultant Bryan Garmon, owner of After Six in ,advises, "You need to know what you're looking for basedon what your business does. If you're going to do wordprocessing, you don't need a 450 [MHz] Pentium." Ifyou're on a tight budget, a serviceable general-use desktopsystem, complete with monitor, can be found for less than $1,200.(See last month's "Wise Buys" column for thespecifics.)

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