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Taking Charge

Should government help entrepreneurs create jobs, or just get out of their way?

By Joshua Kurlantzick

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Over the past year, the economy has surged ahead, posting someof its strongest growth rates in years. Most recently, FederalReserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has cited a gradually improvinglabor market. Indeed, the "jobless recovery" has become ahot issue in the presidential campaign and a cause of worry forbusiness owners and staff alike. Now some in Congress have begun toask how government can stimulate a hiring boom.

Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez and Congressman Rick Renzisee drastically different ways in which Congress can help.Velázquez (D-NY) is the ranking minority member on the HouseSmall Business Committee; Renzi (R-AZ) founded three smallbusinesses before entering Congress and takes a major interest inentrepreneurs' issues. The two don't agree on muchpolitically. But they share one characteristic: They both careabout small business, and they don't back away from hot issuesrelevant to entrepreneurs.

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