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Tools Of The Trade: Desktop Publishing

Here's The Equipment You Need To Get Your Business Off The Ground.

This story appears in the April 1997 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

If you are thinking about becoming a desktop publisher, but areunsure of your computer hardware and needs, simply ask theexperts, such as members of the Forums on .The forums provide discussion groups, technical support, and otherinformation for all levels of desktop publishers--from experts tobeginners. For this column, forum members participated in an onlineroundtable discussion about starting a desktop-publishing ,with a focus on the right combination of software and hardware.

Thanks to computers and software, desktop-publishing toolsenable one experienced and talented individual to do the work that,in pre-computer days, was done by five specialists: the graphicdesigner, the illustrator, the typographer, the retoucher, and thestripper.

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