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Travel Smart

Follow these travel-smart suggestions to make the most of your dollars.

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Consider purchasing prepaid phone cards. These typically offer aflat rate of less than 20 cents per minute, significantly less thanwhat it costs to dial direct during weekday business hours. Plus,you avoid paying the frequently higher rates charged from phonebooths and hotels.

Hotel rooms don't have to cost you a fortune. You can oftensave 10 to 40 percent by booking your rooms through a consolidator.Or when booking your room, ask about any available discounts forbusiness travelers or members of a group you may belong to.

Try to take advantage of frequent-flier miles. You can book yourflights on one airline, or use a credit card that accumulates milesfrom several airlines.

Whatever your travel plans, remember, it pays to shop around,and always ask for the best deal.

Excerpted fromGet Smart: 365 Tips To Boost YourEntrepreneurial IQ

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