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Where's the Grant Money?

Grants are just one option. Consider angel financing in your quest for start-up capital, too.

By Paul and Sarah Edwards

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Q: I've lookedinto several different types of grants, foundations funds, etc.,and I don't seem to fit the requirements for any of them. Idon't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to get set up, so Ikeep running into dead-ends. I have spent several hundred dollarson books about grants and the like. I can't even seem to workwith the SBA-I just don't have that "little"extra for a microloan. What do you suggest?

A: You'recoming to grips with the fact that not only does it take money tomake money, but too often it takes money to get money. But we haveheard many stories of people who get started with $100 or less. Howdo they do it? Some take temp work to pay for at least their livingexpenses while they get underway. Others continue to work afull-time job but unlock an instant stream of cash by reducing theamount withheld for taxes in anticipation of the business loss theyexpect during their first year. (Do check with a tax professionalbefore doing this, however.) But many others turn to people theyknow-often relatives or friends-and sometimes to peoplethey do not know well. In other words, an angel.

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