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Quit your browsing! Here are our picks for 100 of the top Web sites for entrepreneurs.

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Face it: The Internet is mind candy for surfers who log countlesshours doing online crossword puzzles and sneaking peeks atcelebrity porn. But smart entrepreneurs know the Web is ALSO packedwith time-saving, money-making pointers, tips and services-plusbreaking business news-that can be used to maximize profits andexpand the limits of your business.
Skeptical? With our help, you don't need to be. The bad newsfor us is that we logged countless hours eyeballing too manybusiness sites that just don't cut it. But the good news foryou is that by doing so, we've culled a list of 100 of the topWeb sites for entrepreneurs.
At these sites, you won't find naughty pictures or brainlessgossip, but you just may find financiers who will invest in yourbusiness, nifty ways to get the information you need fast, orknow-how that will help you save money on things like wirelesstelephony. You'll find lots more, too, because the best thingabout the Web is it's a tool that, when used properly, givesentrepreneurs a level playing field on which to compete with biggerbusinesses. If you use it shrewdly, the Web will help you be assavvy as the biggest businesses around. So bookmark these sites-andpay attention to them-then watch your business grow.

Find It

Information on the Internet multiplies like kudzu in a hot Carolinasummer-and the engines that help you hack through millions ofWeb pages in search of what you want are essential tools. Youprobably have a favorite standard search engine-Excite(,Infoseek ( or perhapsYahoo! ( specialty tools do the job better. Such as?

Ask Jeeves! ( Abrilliant engine, Jeeves accepts plain-languagequestions-"Where can I compare cell phones?"-then offersup its suggestions for the best Web sites.

Dogpile ( A metasearchtool, Dogpile quickly sifts through most of the standard searchengines plus a few esoteric ones. It's a good way to get a fastreading of what's on the Web.

Search-It-All ( is the place to hunt for e-mail addresses, phone numbers andstreet addresses.

Northern Light ( Anagile search tool, Northern Light scours more than 120 million Webpages, including some premium content that's available only ona pay-per-view basis. Most results are free, but when there's acharge, you're told in advance (and prices are nominal). Ifstandard Web searches produce only frustration, take a lookhere.

Electric Library ( The Libraryoffers a vast collection of magazine and newspaper articles.Searching for the information you need is easy, and a free trial isavailable. Subscriptions cost $9.95 per month for unlimitedresearch.

Deja News ( Before therewas the Web, there were thousands of Internet discussion groups.Those groups are still active, and many focus on business topics.Search through what's being said with Deja News. Have peoplebeen talking about your business? Deja News knows.

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