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Choosing the Right Tech to Keep Your Hustle Productive

Business professionals, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs need a laptop that delivers high performance regardless of location. The LG gram is the ultimate supporter of your journey, allowing you to be more collaborative and on the go than ever.

Working fully remote or on the go is a reality for many entrepreneurs and business professionals — and staying productive and organized while away from an office setting is essential. Your laptop is an extension of you, so it's important to choose one that complements your dedication to your hustle. The new 2022 ultra-portable LG gram laptops provide perfect performance, security, and reliability wherever you are.

LG Gram

Lighten the load on your shoulders without compromise

If you're always on the move or working from various spaces, you don't want to be bothered with a heavy backpack between meetings. LG gram packs high performance while being highly portable and lightweight — so you can maximize performance for any project.

You need a battery you can rely on

Battery life lands at the top of the list for every remote worker. A laptop with a long-lasting battery offers peace of mind from those embarrassing moments when you can't find an outlet. The LG gram 16-inch model lets you enjoy up to 20.5 hours of video playback. If you need to quickly reply to urgent emails in transit or while commuting, you can rest assured that your laptop will be charged and easy to access.

Protect your data with a secure laptop

Working on sensitive information in public spaces isn't always avoidable, so laptop security is essential wherever you are. LG gram takes safety and security to the next level with LG Glance by Mirametrix®. This innovative AI-based software solution protects your privacy by blurring the screen or sending notifications on screen when someone is watching from behind and automatically locking the screen when you walk away from your laptop.

Maximize convenience and productivity

LG gram provides a high level of convenience and increased productivity. You can enjoy more secure face logins with the convenience of not having to type in a password. If you are using dual monitors, you can move the mouse pointer and window focus between screens with the gram tracking your gaze and recognizing user's face, supported by LG Glance by Mirametrix®

In addition to privacy benefits, AI technology provides an improved video conferencing experience. AI noise-canceling distinguishes between human voices and background noises so that you can focus on your colleagues and presenters in your calls in practically any environment. Even in brightly lit spaces, the LG gram eliminates distracting screen reflections so you can view comfortably with more vivid color and contrast.

LG gram is the perfect companion for the go-getter, the hustler, and the visionary. Security and convenience meet in one ultra-portable laptop.

Not only the products being more caring about user convenience, but LG also has opened their Facebook community pages for people who love productivity, who are into growing their businesses or having an on-the-go lifestyle last year. In the Hustle Hub by LG gram UK and Canada pages, you can meet up with various people, have discussions freely, and get informed.

LG gram

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