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Missed Manners

Young entrepreneurs dress down America's corporate culture.

This story appears in the October 1998 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Quiz time: When you visit an office and see the staff working injeans and T-shirts, are you shocked at the lack of professionalism,or do you neglect to notice it because you're too impressed bythe prompt, friendly service you received?

Not too long ago, the term "casual Fridays" didn'teven exist, and it was unheard of to call a client by his or herfirst name. Today, young business leaders value results above therules they consider to be outdated. "Most [youngentrepreneurs] are determined to create the kind ofresults-oriented, no-nonsense environment they craved when theyweren't in a leadership position," says Bruce Tulgan,author of Work This Way (Hyperion) and co-owner ofRainmakerThinking Inc., a New Haven, Connecticut, managementconsulting firm that specializes in Gen X issues. "They'residestepping the kind of rules that have no connection to [theirgoals]."

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