Entrepreneurial Personality

Have you got it?

Although the characteristics small-business owners share oftenhelp them get their companies off the ground, these traits can alsostand in the way of success. For example, entrepreneurs tend to betask-focused, which can make them less-than-sympathetic bosses. Andwhile entrepreneurs are usually visionaries, they aren'tparticularly adept at communicating that vision. The strongpersonality of the entrepreneur can create another problem--othersare often too cowed to disagree.

So can an entrepreneur change his or her spots? Obviously,awareness of how you come across to others, especially youremployees, is vital. And realize that as you grow, you'llprobably need to be a bit more deliberate and a little lessseat-of-the-pants.

Excerpted from Get Smart: 365 Tips To Boost Your EntrepreneurialIQ

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