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Track 'Em Down

Keep an eye on your employees in the field.

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Where are your people? Have they made that sales call, deliveredthat part? -enabled devices fromcompanies like DCS ( and @Road ( cangive you precise answers to these and more questions on vehicle,personnel and whereabouts. Ranging from $500 to $1,500,these devices can give you the miles, speed and route a vehicle hastaken, and even the duration of a service call.

Up to
of all 911 calls from are dialed bymistake.

The information is broadcast over cell phone data bands to theWeb, where you can see reports and map views on data that helpanalyze routing, gas usage and vehicle maintenance schedules.Vehicle tracking verifies the duration of a service call, and somesystems include messaging and in-vehicle navigation. The principalbenefit, though, is knowing the location of employees and equipment.

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