Don't Pitch This

Here's what not to include in your pitch letter.

  • Overly solicitous greetings: Try to stick with"Dear." It may not be original, but it's not silly orclichéd.
  • Exaggerations: Don't send your prospects a snow job;you're sure to lose credibility if you do. Try to say somethingnice about the prospect's business, but strive to bebelievable.
  • Dramatic punctuation: Don't overuse exclamationpoints, underlines, italics and bold typefaces. And limit your useof fonts; remember, it's a letter, not an ad.
  • Too much information: Don't waste prospects'time giving them data they don't need. Tell prospects what youcan do for them and why they should choose you instead of acompetitor.
  • Odd closings: Keep it simple, not desperate. You are,after all, trying to sound sincere.

Excerpted fromGet Smart: 365 Tips To Boost YourEntrepreneurial IQ

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