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Parent Trap

Entrepreneurs wonder what effect their businesses have on their kids.

This story appears in the September 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Peyton Anderson rode his first business to the top of the dotcomboom and, starting about the time his first child was born, backdown again. Since then, the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina,entrepreneur has started another company and adopted twindaughters. But Anderson knows that while he can take another shotat business, he only gets one go-round at parenting. And being anentrepreneur and a parent don't always mix.

"I have three kids 4 and under," says Anderson,who's the 39-year-old founding CEO of Affinergy Inc., a12-person biotech firm projecting $1 million in 2005 sales."And even while I'm singing to them in the bathtub, in theback of my mind, I'm grinding on stuff at work."

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