Printing Costs Sometimes a necessary evil-but don't pay more than you have to.

Try these ways to spend smart:

  • Proof thoroughly-at least three times. And never signthe proof until you're sure. If you've approved a"mistake," you'll have to pay the cost ofreprinting.
  • Evaluate your forms. Are they as efficient andfunctional as possible? Can you combine a few forms into one? Canyour six part form shrink to four parts?
  • Order smart. Only print what you can use in a reasonabletime. Ordering too much not only ties up your money, but you alsorisk your materials becoming obsolete.
  • Seek advice. Ask your printer if there's anythingyou can do to reduce costs.

Finally, price should not be your sole criteria. Considerquality, consistency, service and support before you choose aprinter.

Excerpted from Get Smart: 365 Tips To Boost Your EntrepreneurialIQ

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