Travel Smart

Tips for saving money while on the go

When calling from a hotel or pay phone, ask about charges. Ifthey're too high, ask to be connected to your regularlong-distance carrier. If you use a charge card to call fromhotels, don't hang up between calls. Just press the pound keyand dial the next call without reentering your account number. Thisavoids the connect surcharges many hotels charge.

Also, you should always shop around for the best rates on hotelrooms. And make sure to ask about any discounts or specials. Thesame goes for car rentals. And don't pay for collision coverageif you don't have to. Check your credit card agreement; manyinclude car rental insurance if you use that card to rent thecar.

Excerpted from Get Smart!: 365 Tips to Boost YourEntrepreneurial IQ

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