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Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips on Running Businesses and How They Became Successful

Myself being an entrepreneur, I celebrate fellow entrepreneurs. Here at Imperium Group we celebrate people who are changing the game in advertising, digital innovation, art, literature, and cinematography.

We had a chance to speak to some really cool entrepreneurs to get there perspective on how to run a business and how to do do it smart.

Take a look at some of these entrepreneurs:

Sam Habib, Founder of Alex Bato Media

Samer Habib is an internet entrepreneur known for founding Millennial 365 and Alex Bato Media in 2016 a Multi-Million Dollar Internet Advertising & Media Company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). He is a member of and is soon to be featured and quoted in several publications online such as Forbes, Inc, USA Today, and Huffington Post.
Check his other venture out at for more information.

Jabir Mohamed, CEO of Digital Beast

"The Depth of your struggle will be the height of your success."

Jabir Mohamed is the founder & CEO of Digital Beast, an internet marketing agency that specializes in online advertising for Law Firms. Digital Beast, formerly known as Search Beast was founded in late 2016 and quickly gained popularity with business owners who were looking to increase their internet presence & acquire more customers online. Jabir's background in Physics has aided him in his ability to reverse engineer Google algorithm updates & quickly implement adjustments for his client's websites while staying months ahead of the competition. With 30+ years of combined marketing experience, the team at Digital Beast understand what the modern day law firm needs to do to stand out from the crowd and position themselves as the premier law practice to engage within the eyes of the prospect.

Nathaniel Moore, Founder of yMoore

Nathaniel Moore is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker. He's the founder of yMoore, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business strategies to millions of people internationally. Nathaniel has helped over 100 young leaders take their good results to great. Nathaniel specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners find confidence in their true self, allowing them to maximize their gifts and talents.

Joseph Snyder, Founder of Lannister Holdings

A visionary known for creating win-win deal structures in multiple industries over his 15-year entrepreneurial journey, Joseph Snyder is an avid yogi and Stoic who is determined to improve operations and cut waste by improving real world business systems from the inside out. To achieve this goal, Joseph founded Lannister Holdings to create an ecosystem where flexible teams with technological superiority can intertwine with and disrupt real world business operations with speed and agility.

Joseph believes that by offering talented people the opportunity to live and work when and where they wish within an inclusive, open-minded organization, really magical things can result. This belief focuses on using technology to improve tools and systems, reduce the footprint of business and create tangible solutions to produce a fun, vibrant and impactful place to work.

Michael Morelli Jr.

Michael Morelli, Jr. is a serial entrepreneur who started from nothing twice to build multiple seven and eight-figure brands. Michael has amassed almost 4 million followers across these brands and currently reaches over 100 million eyeballs through his ambassador network. He is also a best-selling author who has been featured all over the news and in major publications. On top of all this, he has become a dedicated family man and got freakishly fit, all in a matter of 5 years.

Michael is the face and the CEO of each of his brands (@DetoxOrganics, @MorelliFit, and @HIITMAX), and recently became a partner the social media juggernaut @BuildYourEmpire, where they plan to disrupt education.

Today, Michael is working to expand his reach to enrich the lives of as many people as possible, while shaking up both the wellness and education spaces. His personal business philosophy: make others look and feel their best, listen, and be intentional in everything you do.

Thomas Wos

Thomas Wos is a 32 year old Entrepreneur that has been in online marketing for more than 17 years. His offices range from Germany, Switzerland, Budapest, Vienna, Tel Aviv, and Dubai. Thomas has 54 employees in his offices and more than 7 freelancers around the world. In 2016 an investor bought 30% of his project for 30 Million Euros and his Swiss company (Wos Swiss Investments AG) is holding assets of about 150 Million USD.

He also has more than 100 properties around the world and is building up his new Hotel Brand "The Wos" in 3 categories: The Wos Hotels and Spa, The Wos Apartments, The Wos Luxury Residences (Villas). These properties are in the best locations in the world. His vision is to have one of the strongest investment companies in the world. 1000 employees and 1 billion assets in the next 5 years.

Kendra Lust, Entrepreneur

Kendra Lust's entrepreneurial journey includes running several successful businesses, becoming a registered nurse, an award-winning adult film actress, and a fitness industry influencer with over 5-million social media followers.

Three years ago Kendra partnered up with PJ Braun President and CEO of Blackstone Labs to create Entice for men and women. The all natural product is designed to bring couples closer together by making their time in the bedroom more intimate and memorable.

Following her passion for helping people look good and feel good about themselves, Kendra's next venture will be a costume jewelry line that will feature high-end designs at more affordable prices.

Kendra's entrepreneurial mindset is to maintain a love for your product but always remain objective, never let the fear of rejection hold you back, remember to revisit your vision on a daily basis, and network your way to success!

Stephen Dela Cruz

At 16 years old, going to juvenile hall to then finding a mentor, Stephen now owns 10 7-corporations profiting figures each and has over 500 full time employees! Today, he is the creator and lead coach of Stegela Success Mastery, San Diego's #1 success coaching and mastermind program!

Stephen believes that in order to be successful, you need to be a teacher by heart and have a spirit of a mentor. The key is to start a business and trust others to lead and run the organization. Be a person of great vision and pass that vision and passion on to someone else to run with!

Alex Fedotoff, Founder of AF MEDIA

Alex Fedotoff is the founder of performance-based advertising agency AF MEDIA and to the date, we have generated over $100+ mil. in eCommerce sales for our clients, mostly with Facebook advertising.

Some of his most well-known clients include: Under Armour, Lululemon, and Ella&Mila. Alex's company also runs their own 7-figure eCommerce projects.

His community Facebook Ads Rockstars (27,000 members) is where I share what I've learned from my experiments. He currently lives between Malta and Monaco with his wife and son.

Alex believes success in business comes from a focus on serving one industry/niche/skillset very well and then expanding that success. It's easy to figure out how to help one industry but near impossible to learn how to help everyone from the get-go.

After success in one industry, it's easy to leverage it to succeed in others, but if you start too broad and trying to do too many things for too many people, it will take you years to become just good (not exceptional).

And to succeed, you (your company) need to be exceptional at what you do.

Geovanni Oseguera, Co-Founder of Greener Bay Landscaping

Geovanni Oseguera is a entrepreneur that is a marketing genius and offer consulting and has co-founded Greener Bay Landscaping. Most recently, Geovanni has been using all off his marketing tactics to grow his landscaping company as one of fastest growing companies in San Francisco.

Bill Murphy, Serial Solar Entrepreneur

Bill Murphy is a serial solar entrepreneur and has co founded two 8 figure solar sales and installation companies. Most recently, Bill has created the most dynamic online solar sales and lead generation training platform appropriately named, "The Solar Cheat Code."

The 34 year old Houstonian's latest venture "The Solar Cheat Code," teaches Solar Companies wholesale lead generation techniques that have been largely kept secret by big lead generation companies until now. Over 125 companies strong in less than 6 months, The Solar Cheat Code is creating wildly profitable solar companies across the globe.

Kevin Stimpson, Strive & Grind

Kevin Stimpson is an entrepreneur, international speaker and branding expert. He's the CEO of Strive & Grind, a millennial run, international branding company that specializes in premium branding and helps entrepreneurs attract high paying clients, position themselves as leaders in their industry, and charge premium pricing for their products and services. He believes that being the premium choice in your industry has great advantages like higher perceived value, more profitability, higher quality clients, better results, better experiences, and more referrals. When done right, it can and will instantly separate you from the competition.

Philosophy for entrepreneurial success:

Surround yourself around only A players. When you only surround yourself with high level people, your quality of life drastically improves in all areas. Three years ago, Kevin moved 3,000 miles from Boston to San Diego to be around other successful entrepreneurs. Because of that, he gets to create amazing memories with awesome friends who are making an impact in the world.

Heather DeSantis, CEO of Publicity for Good

Heather DeSantis is a Top Millennial publicist and CEO of Publicity for Good, a purpose driven public relations firm. Heather combines market foresight, strategic timing, and organic interviews to generate millions of earned media impressions from outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, iHeartMedia, Business Insider, Inc, and more.

Publicity For Good is a purpose driven PR firm. We love working with brands which believe that having a mission and doing good work is as important as the product or service you provide. Our passion lies around early stage, emerging and fast growth companies who focus on results and believe that the way PR has always been done is ripe for a change - and we're excited to be that disruptor. Having a mission and doing good work is as important as the product or service you provide.

Cameron Herold, The CEO Whisperer

Cameron Herold is known around the world as The CEO Whisperer. His speaking events globally educate companies and their employees, and his COO Alliance is helping hundreds of CEOs grow their businesses by growing their 2nds in Command. He has coached a monarchy & a "Big 4" wireless carrier as well as dozens of CEOs & COOs globally. His successes (and yes, the occasional failures) have given him insights into tried-and-true systems that work. His work has helped his companies be featured in the Associated Press, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, as well as TV shows like Oprah. About My Business - COO Alliance. The COO Alliance is the leading professional development group for seconds in command. The COO Alliance was created as the solution to one key issue. There were countless opportunities for CEOs to join peer groups, attend masterminds, and better themselves as leaders. However, for the professional development of COOs and seconds in command, there was nothing. The COO Alliance gives the second in command a place to grow themselves and their companies.

David A. Jenkins, 3 x Olympian, Olympic medalist, and chemical engineer

David A. Jenkins is a 3 x Olympian, Olympic medalist, and chemical engineer. He is the Whey Protein pioneer, and serial entrepreneur with two private equity exits. Plus 7 issued U.S. Patent with 1 or more patents in 41 other countries around the world.

For me, it's always been about going where nobody has gone before. I just happen to be a protein zealot. Understandably perhaps because the word protein comes from Greek word 'proteios', meaning of prime importance…so critical for life, let alone health.

David's philosophy for entrepreneurial success is that it's all about getting the business model right, once you know what problem are you solving. Measuring how sustainable is your own unfair competitive advantage.

Paul Lee, M.D., Founder of Mind AI Inc

Paul is a clinician, scientist, and an entrepreneur. As a graduate of St Paul's School and University of Oxford with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, he received an M.D. from The School of Medicine at Catholic University of Korea. Paul is also a graduate of Futuremed at Singularity University 2013 and Exponential Medicine 2014. Paul served in the Republic of Korea Army as a lieutenant doctor and a director of Pogok public health center in Yongin. He also co founded JNP LAB in Seoul that acts as a development hub for global exponential technologies.

As the cofounder of Curely and co founder and CEO of Kuddly, Paul grew the business into one of the largest media channels in the US for the health and pet health industries. Under his direction, the company built and managed over 120 Facebook channels focused on human and pet health and wellness, and have accumulated over 6 billion views by publishing over 7,500 Facebook videos over the course of the past 2 years.

In 2018, Paul founded Mind AI, an artificial intelligence engine and an ecosystem created to offer an entirely new approach to AI with completely new data structures called "canonicals."

Paul explains: "A human-like reasoning engine could have so much impact, even in ways we cannot imagine right now. For one, we envision it to be the CPU of all the other AI systems. Its transparency of operations makes it perfect for domains such as medicine, drug discovery, law, and finance since we are able to trace exactly how Mind AI was able to arrive at its conclusion, unlike current neural network based systems. Mind AI will be able to contextualize information and generalize knowledge, and eventually learn how to learn. This means that it will eventually be able to use the internet to do its own research."

Craig Linden, Founder Real Time Touch

Craig Linden has more experience than most startup founders, being in business since 1970's and active in research and development for the past 33 years. Linden has targeted the telemedicine industry with his brainchild, Real Time Touch.

"We're aiming for a dramatic acceleration of Clinical Trial efficiency and effectiveness," said Linden, who also holds the patents for the technology to offer remote monitoring, medication adherence verification and remote medicine release.

The telemedicine market is huge; the opportunities for growth could reach over $29 billion per year in the US alone, while up to $6 billion could be saved for employers - and Linden has many plans for it.

Real Time Touch is implementing augmented reality to remotely deliver doses of medication, control magnetic-based pain relief devices, and control home-based treatment and therapy devices

"While today's telemedicine platforms are very useful, they lack the ability to treat or deliver medical treatments, therapies and medicines." Linden concludes: "To make the remote communications more 'real', we have to be able transmit and receive live human touch and actions -- ideally, coordinated with speech or audiovisual communications. And it must be ... spontaneous, quick and realistic -- nearly like body language and touch during face-to-face meetings."

Austin Netzley, Founder and CEO of 2X

Austin Netzley is an investor, entrepreneur and bestselling author.

He is the Founder and CEO of 2X, a company specializing in helping 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs more than double their business in just 90 days by focusing on creating a systematic, scalable business.

Austin is a former collegiate athlete and the #1 international bestselling author of Make Money, Live Wealthy, which has been downloaded and sold over 60,000 times.

Austin also has also founded an investing company where he created his own day-trading algorithm and automated it, as well as a book marketing company Epic Launch that moved over 1.7 million books in less than two years for entrepreneurs all throughout the world.

Austin has been featured on many of the world's largest business websites such as Entrepreneur, Inc., Yahoo!, BusinessInsider, ABC, NBC, The Washington Post and more.

Tom James, World-Class Leading Growth Marketer

My friends are often talking about trying to be successful in the future. Although they may define that as being a super rich CEO or a billionaire philanthropist, I believe this is a massive exaggeration of what they really want. I think what success boils down to for most people is finding a way to make enough money to lead the lifestyle they want.

For me, I found this so called "success" around the age of 20, after a couple tricky years of struggling to afford to eat each day whilst at college. I always thought I wanted to be a very rich man, and didn't know how to get there. Until I realized I was happy as long as I got to travel full time to new countries every couple weeks. Once I realized I would probably only need to make $3000 per month to afford this lifestyle, it was EASY to achieve this "success".

And although entrepreneurship was the path I took, I think it isn't the best path for everyone. It was just the best way for me to achieve my own "success."

Karen Sahetya, CEO of Brand Central Marketing

I'm the CEO of Brand Central Marketing, a full service marketing agency that specializes in scaling businesses by driving leads and purchases using Facebook ads. We help driven entrepreneurs who are hungry to grow their businesses by giving them a competitive advantage in the market with a system that delivers consistent leads on demand. In addition to running my agency, I'm on a coaching team of experts who help ad agencies all over the world get results for their clients. Impacting not just our clients, but agency owners and their clients all over the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of what I get to do everyday. If you can find something you're passionate about, use that passion to serve a group of people you care about. Listen to that group of people, understand their needs, and be intentional about delivering on those needs.

Lola Sultan, IG- @LolaSultanOfficial

Drive, courage, and resilience are the anchor traits squarely behind the growing and well-deserved success of Lola Sultan. As a young entrepreneur pursuing a career in entertainment, Lola's innate talents crack doors open, but it is her commitment to positivity and ability to welcome every audition, casting, fitting, table read or call back as an opportunity for growth, that open them fully.

While clearly committed to her craft and loaded with raw talent, Lola Sultan's mindset is her secret weapon: life is a classroom, and everyone she meets is a teacher. As a participant in an industry that moves in real-time, her creative agility and ability to mine for inspiration in the face of rejection, or a smaller role, has paved the way to more substantive ones. Lola's recipe for success as a young entrepreneur is rather simple and highly effective: keep your circle positive, speak kindly, support others, and operate with gratitude and a growth mindset.

Lola Sultan is a living, breathing example of how the creative and entrepreneurial spirit is not confined to the limits or typicalities set forth by those who came before, rather, it is defined by one's ability to treat experiences, roadblocks, accomplishments, and successes as building blocks to accomplish personal goals and dreams. You can catch Lola co-starring in the new film Bernie and the Dolphin, where you will garner a sense of her talent as an actor, as well as her vocality in the song and music video for Best Friends, the single which accompanies her latest creative venture.

Lola reflected that she considers herself "a young person who has had so many amazing experiences that I'm grateful for already." And based on her healthy mindset, immense talent and growing presence in Hollywood, it's safe to say there will be much to be grateful for in the future! @lolasultanofficial

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