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Global Blockchain Backs Kodak Coin in Reinvention of Camera Company

Courtesy of Pay Per Growth

In an unprecedented move, Kodak, the well known film and camera company, announced that it would be entering the Blockchain space with its own ICO in the form of Kodak Coin. leading this invest,enet is Global Blockchain, an investment company that provides investors access to a mixture of assets in the Blockchain space that has surely spotted another opportunity to add to its successful portfolio.

With Kodak Coin, Global Blockchain has moved itself to the front of the queue as the lead investor with a $2 Mln investment. The Kodak Coin is one that has been identified by Global Blockchain as a compelling ICO that fills their niche for managing and monetizing assets globally.

There has been a rush towards Blockchain technology and the new wave of tech it promosies, with a few smaller and lesser-known companies tacting on the word Blockchain to their name to become compliant. However, Kodak, and their Kodak coin, represents a compliant and fully-registered Initial Coin Offering, a first from a major NYSE-listed corporation.

Global Blockchain's involvement spells good news for both Kodak, and the investors with Global Blockchain as it is the investment company's job to seek out potentially successful opportunities. Part incubator, part resource maximizer, Global Blockchain have made sure that they are on the forefront of what is building to be a highly successful ICO launch.

What can Global Blockchain gain, and bring to the table?

With any ICO, it is open to the public in this crowd sourcing manner, allowing individuals to chip in in order to help the company reach its funding target. However, Global Blockchain has identified a potentially huge opportunity in Kodak coin.

Their upfront investment of $2 mln indicates that the investment company is sure and secure in the ICO that Kodak is putting up. Moreso, they are putting their money where their mouth is in this bold move.

As an investment company, their ultimate aim is to help, as well as be part of, companies succeeding, and by backing a horse that already has such a pedigree, the Global Blockchain team have surely picked a winner.

"Our deep industry roots and relationships have allowed us access this new ICO in short order, one of the first involving a significant brand name issuer that is widely recognized by the public," said Shidan Gouran, President of Global Blockchain.

It also means that for Kodak, they have an investor that has experience to burn, and a background of success in investing in the right companies. Global Blockchain will have in their hands the potentially exponential growth with the Kodak coin, and Kodak will have the beginning of their investments to make this move.

Of course, it is not only the profits that will benefit Global Blockchain, it is their reputation that will be boosted, and in turn, be boosting the standing of their clients and other investors.

What is Kodak Coin, and why is it happening?

ICOs have come to the fore in the global business world as a new order of venture capitalism, they are the cround funding opportunities that give back to the investor in digital tokens. To this end, there has been huge successes in many ICO launches as people are hungry to invest in promising companies this way.

Mostly, ICOs have been formed by smaller startups based on a promise rather than any tangible market share or implementation. Stating what they hope to achieve, people buy in and in turn hope it comes to fruition in these untested companies.

However, Kodak, a name synonymous with film and cameras, and listed on the Stock Exchange, entering the market brings a unique and interesting twist to the game. With an already established business, masses of human capital and reputation, as well as business savvy and acumen, Kodak enters a new market with a foundation many times stronger than other ICO launches.

A unique opportunity

Small ICOs call for multiple small investments that will hopefully conglomerate to help the team become a success, then it is up to said team to prove to be a success.

It is different in this instance as Kodak have the pedigree in business, but they also have the backing of a major investor right off the bat for no other reason than they have huge potential to succeed. Kodak's success will equal Global Blockchain's success, which in tern reiterates their savvy move to pick up on such a unique ICO.

Being the primary, initial investor puts a lot of responsibility into Global Blockchain hands, but it would seem it is responsibility they are happy to take on as the rewards could be astronomical. Kodak could be on the verge of a real breakthrough for aging companies that are heading towards obsoletion, and being the first in the door, with a backer like Global Blockchain, could be a real reinvention.

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