Time to Upgrade Your PC?

How to know if you and your employees need new computers

As important as technology is, that doesn't mean you alwayshave to have the latest version of equipment. Here's how toevaluate your current technology to see whether it's time toupgrade:

Computers are likely to need upgrading as a result of a softwareupdate. If you have recently begun using a new version of animportant software package and your computer's performanceseems unsatisfactorily slow, it may be time to buy new hardware.Otherwise, you can and probably should make do with what you have.Don't delay buying new computers just because the ones you haveare only a few years old, though. During that span of time,performance of the models on the market typically doubles. Forcingcustomers and employees to wait on slow computers can cost you farmore than a new system would.

Excerpted from Grow Your Business

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