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Scout's Honor

Toss out the cheesy ads, cheap stationery and phony testimonials. Building true credibility will take your business farther.

This story appears in the May 1998 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Offering the lowest price for your product or service won'thelp you much if your prospect doesn't trust you. Boasting thewidest selection and the most convenience won't aid your causeif your prospect thinks you're a crook. Face up to the factthat prospects won't call your toll-free number, access yourWeb site, mail your coupon, come into your store, visit your tradeshow booth, talk to your sales rep or even accept your generousfreebie if they don't have confidence in your company.

Your prospects can't afford to waste time or money oncompanies that haven't earned their trust. To earn thatconfidence, you have to use guerrilla marketing weaponsproperly.

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