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Is Washington Forgetting About Entrepreneurs?

Is anyone in Washington paying attention to entrepreneurs?

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As the 2006 congressional elections approach, they are shaping up to be the most hotly contested in years, potentially swinging control of both the House and . Given so many tight races, leaders of both parties are looking for votes everywhere. Democrats are parading to Montana to see how that state's gun-toting, reportedly "Scotch-swilling" governor has won over hunters. Republicans are romancing even small blocks of voters, like Orthodox Jews.

But both sides seem to be ignoring one of the biggest potential voting blocks of all: entrepreneurs. On the Republicans' Senate and congressional campaign committee sites, the GOP offers endless commentary on items like a Democrats' alleged parties with Playboy Playmates-but no compre-hensive agenda for how to help . In , Republicans have made permanent repeal of the estate tax one of their top priorities of the campaign season, even though a permanent repeal could cost over $300 billion in taxes and would benefit only a fraction of small companies.

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