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Learn to Accelerate Your Business With a Can't-Miss Free Event

This one-day, virtual event will give you the tools you need to take your company to the next level.

In order to really grow a business, sometimes owners and managers need to step outside of their every day routine, upgrade the tools they use, think differently and learn to move faster.

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That's just what you'll get at Accelerate Your Business, a one-day, virtual conference produced by Microsoft and Intel. With content and sessions tailored specifically for business owners, C-level leaders and key senior managers, attendees can expect to:

  • Tap into new sources of inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Get laser focused on technology that can amplify your business productivity.
  • Experience the innovation lounge with technology solutions designed for your business.
  • Learn how to build a world-class infrastructure with the peace-of-mind and security you expect.

With a line-up of expert speakers and breakout sessions, the event also will include a technology showcase, product offers, giveaways and more. Among the speakers are Carol Roth, a billion-dollar dealmaker, author, entrepreneur, investor and host of Microsoft's Office Small Business Academy; entrepreneur and business growth expert Scott Duffy, who serves as co-host of Business & Burgers "Presented by Microsoft" and has been listed as a "Top 10 Keynote Speaker" by Entrepreneur; and keynote speaker Gary Fowle, vice president Microsoft US OEM addressing the issue facing business today.

Attendees of this can't-miss virtual event should expect to be challenged, entertained and—most importantly—to be informed. Best of all, the event is 100 percent free to attend.

Accelerate Your Business will take place April 12th.

Register now to Accelerate Your Business.


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