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Hot Disks 12/04

Password protection, publishing made easy and more

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Stay In Touch:Don't lose touch with your PC when you're out of theoffice. I'm InTouch 3.6 from 01 Communique allows you to securely accessyour PC from any web browser, using the I'm InTouch portal,including browsers on PDAs and cell phones. You can run programs(including Outlook) and access and transfer files between both PCs.I'm InTouch will also send a text message to your cell phoneany time you receive an e-mail on your PC. The service is priced at$9.95 per month or $99.95 per year.

PasswordProtection: Secure your Windows-based PC with Dekart's Logonsoftware. The $39 application lets you store all your Windowspasswords on the portable storage device of your choice, such as asmart card, a USB drive or a hardware token. You then connect thedevice to your PC and type in your PIN, and Logon automaticallyenters your passwords for you. Logon offers either two- orthree-factor authentication and can be configured to work withouthardware.

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