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By Barry Farber

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Energy descends from the Greek "energeia," meaning"activity," which is in turn derived from another Greekword, "ergon," which means "work." So it'sno coincidence that the amount of energy you have determines yourability to do work. What's the best way to get your naturalenergy to help you perform at your best? It doesn't take muchto make a major difference. All you really need to do is changeyour FRAME of reference:

  • Food: Eat a balanced diet.Common sense tells you to include lots of water, fruit, vegetables,and nuts and grains.
  • Rest: The National SleepFoundation estimates fatigue is to blame for up to 90 percent ofall industrial accidents and costs businesses $18 billion a year inlost productivity. The answer? A quick 15- to 20-minute nap abouteight hours after you wake up.

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