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Think Fast

How to use speed to your advantage

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One good measure of hard work in the Digital Age is how quicklyproblems get solved or how quickly new ideas get turned intomarketable products and services. The current wisdom in SiliconValley is that one year of work in an Internet-based firm isequivalent to six years of work in a traditional organizationbecause workers in Internet-based firms work longer hours, createmore services and explore more frontiers in a year than otherworkers do in six years.

The new industriousness is not just about going farther butgetting there faster. It means jumping on an airplane on shortnotice to handle a problem with important clients or customers. Itmeans writing code for three days straight to make sure everythingis just right for a new product launch. It means increasing marketdemand with a working prototype rather than waiting for a finishedproduct to be developed.

Excerpted from Ben Franklin's 12 Rules of Management

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