Be a Good Corporate Citizen

There are plenty of good causes that can use a helping hand. Here are a few ideas that might work for your company.

  • Join an adopt-a-highway program.
  • School intern program: offer high school or local collegestudents the opportunity for some real-world experience.
  • Food for the elderly or homeless: Help financially or byserving meals.
  • Audiobooks for the blind: Audiotape producers are alwayslooking for readers and funding.
  • Hold an American Red Cross blood drive at your place ofbusiness.
  • Help with fund-raising for any number of good socialcauses.
  • Get involved with a high-profile telethon for local publicTV.
  • Invite service clubs and youth groups to visit your offices orplant. Show them your product and how you make it, giving some ideaof your impact on the local economy. For youth groups, prepare atoken visit remembrance.

Excerpted from Knock-Out Marketing: Powerful Strategies to PunchUp Your Sales

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