Market Your Toll-Free Number

You can start by placing it prominently on your Web site.

You spend a lot of time and effort designing your Web site,honing and refining it so that customers will easily find it anduse it. Now go a step further and make it easy for them to reachyou by phone. Does your company have a toll-free number? All the800 and 888 numbers are taken. The 877 series is nearly gone andundoubtedly will give way to yet another series.

From a marketing standpoint, regardless of the designatedtoll-free exchange, you can't afford not to have a toll-freephone number posted on your Web site. The cost of incoming callshas never been lower--in fact, in most locations it costs less than15 cents per minute (and in some cases, even far below that). Thus,even an extended call on the order of six minutes still costs lessthan a dollar.

Excerpted from 101 Internet Marketing Tips For YourBusiness

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