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Sounds Like A Plan

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Want to get more out of your marketing program in 1997? NancyMichaels, owner of marketing consulting firm Impression Impact inConcord, Massachusetts, suggests developing a marketing calendar atthe beginning of every year. Now's the time to get down tobusiness, so here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as you planfor 1997:

*Plan and budget for a specified agenda of marketing efforts, butbe flexible. Michaels recommends setting aside 3 percent to 4percent of your marketing budget for unexpected marketingopportunities.

*Determine when certain promotions need to be executed, and workbackward when planning them. To make your summer sale come offwithout a hitch, for example, you may need to start working on itin March.

*If you're planning a holiday-based marketing promotion, makesure the holiday you choose directly applies to your business. Forinstance, a children's clothing store might want to dosomething for Halloween; a men's clothing store, on the otherhand, probably wouldn't.

However you decide to spend your marketing dollars, it'simportant to think ahead.

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