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Written In Stone

These 10 commandments may be the answer to your marketing prayers.

This story appears in the July 1999 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

When you start your business, get ready for certain unavoidableexpenditures. From renting office space and leasing equipment topurchasing pens, paper and computer disks, smart entrepreneurscarefully map out both fixed and variable expenses. But the primarydifference between successful business owners and those who closetheir doors within a few months or years is their dedication to anappropriate and consistent marketing effort.

Marketing isn't an optional expense. Although it's oftenthe first budget line to be sliced and diced when cash flow is low,it's important to remember marketing your business is often theactivity that turns tough times around. Abiding by the followingten commandments of marketing can help you avoid the pitfalls ofmany start-up marketers and guide you in getting the good word outabout your product or service.

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