Creating a Company Catch Phrase Follow these tips, and you'll never have problems with people forgetting your business's name.

Coming up with a catch phrase for your company is a crucial stepin the marketing battle, but it doesn't stop there. You mustmake sure your customers do more than remember your slogan-theyhave to associate it with your brand name, not yourcompetitor's. Follow these four tips to ensure a winningslogan:

  • Evoke your key benefit-establish that exclusive connection inyour customers' minds by focusing on what's unique aboutyour product or service
  • Test with prospects and customers-speak to potential customersas well as existing ones in order to appeal to those who neverconsidered your previous marketing messages very compelling
  • Include your company name-ensure that your customers not onlyremember the slogan, but who it's advertising as well
  • Stick with it-success requires committing to a slogan foryears, and incorporating it into all your marketing materials;consider trademarking it

    Excerpted from Entrepreneur magazine, July 2001

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