Tailoring Your Web Site

Customize your site based on your visitors' activities.

So you've got a Web site and you've got some traffic.What's the next step? Gathering statistics about your site andvisitors, then tailoring your site to visitors'activities.

To use your site stats to their fullest potential, have a programinstalled on your server that tracks the whos, whats, whens andwheres of your traffic. You can monitor everything from the mostfrequently visited pages on your site to the top referral sitessending traffic your way. Try these tips for putting your Web sitestatistics to good use:

  • Find out the most popular pages in your site. Expand on thatcontent and add a big link to it on your home page.

  • Find out which products or services generate the most interestby looking at which ones land the longest visits.

  • Analyze referral sites. William Gaultier, partner at Webmarketing firm e-Storm International Consulting in San Francisco,says this can point out weaknesses in your Web marketing strategy."If your site gets traffic from search engines only, diversifyby participating in newsgroups or chat rooms [to promote yoursite]," he says.

  • Find out which sites send you the most users. Contact them andbuild a relationship.

  • Design for the lowest common denominator of your targetaudience. If 90 percent of your audience is Java-enabled, useJava.

  • Look at the words users enter in search engines to find yoursite. Pepper these words throughout your site and in your metatags.

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