Go Against the Grain

Just because it's tradition, it doesn't make it the best way to do something.

Another top for savvy marketers lies in doing things that are180 degrees against conventional wisdom. For example, about 100years ago, the British were trying to scale the Matterhorn. Foralmost 70 years, many men and women died in the effort. Then onday, a gentleman decided to take a different route: Rather than goup the south slop, he went up the north slope. From that angle, youcould stroll right up to the top. In the face of 70 years ofconventional wisdom, he decided to do exactly the opposite. Manytimes, that's just what it takes.

Consider General Motors' Saturn experience: It decided tobuild a car that had one price, a lifetime guarantee, and noextras, sales commission or pressure. It was completely against theconventional wisdom-but it worked.

Excerpted from 303 Marketing Tips: Guaranteed To Boost YourBusiness

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