Shopping Cart Blues

How to limit shopping cart abandonment on your site

If you offer goods via your Web site, regardless of what type ofshopping system you devise, you have a primary role to honor. Youneed to ensure that you give the customer the opportunity toreceive a running total at any moment with a single mouse click.Customers want and need to know how much is in their shoppingcarts, and they have to be able to do this with the greatest ofease. Otherwise, they may become uneasy.

Studies show that when customers begin to fill shopping cartsonline, they are much more inclined to abandon their purchases thanthrough any other ordering mechanism, such as ordering by catalog,over the telephone, via fax or in a retail store. It is all tooeasy to abandon an online purchase. Also, some customers are onlytesting the waters to see how the shopping mechanism works.

Excerpted from 101 Internet Marketing Tips For YourBusiness

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