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Why Wi-Fi?

Because the computer industry is (and you soon will be) going wild over this newest way to access networks wirelessly

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Jeff Eller is no longer forced to squeeze out those last fewminutes of work at the office before rushing to the airport.That's because he carries his office with him-or at least asmuch of it as he needs. That usually means his PowerBook,which is equipped with an Apple AirPort Wireless Fidelity ()network adaptor that can be used to log on to the wireless networktransceivers at half a dozen of the nation's busiestairports.

"It's slicker than all get out," says Eller,managing director of Public Strategies Inc., a public affairsconsulting firm in , . "Now I can go to the airporttwo hours in advance, avoid traffic and still have the bandwidthI'm accustomed to."

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