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Mojo: Social Content Made Simple

As the number of social media posts increases, so does the need for creativity.


Over the past couple of years, users of social media platforms have increased more than a hundredfold. Today, there are about 4.48 billion active social media accounts in the world. This exponential growth has influencers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators searching for new and creative ways to engage with audiences.

At the most basic level, people use social media to connect and share. Coupled with the already saturated marketplace and attention deficit, getting a post to stand out is getting ever more complex. Fortunately, just because it's difficult to generate great content doesn't mean it's impossible.

What differentiates businesses in a saturated social market from one another is content. Consumers will naturally gravitate towards eye-catching, relevant and shareable content. For most businesses, creating this level of content can be overwhelming - which is why more users have turned to mojo. Mojo is an app makes creating professional looking content, simple.

The way in which we share on social is changing. Statistics from Block Party found that story sharing is gaining popularity at a rate 5x faster than feed sharing. Mojo was initially designed to make stories stunning - so at the moment there are over 400+ templates on the platform that a user can choose from to make sure their story content stands out.

Although Instagram is the leading platform for stories, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter now also have story capabilities. This means that all other social platforms have also recognised the shift and adjusted their platforms accordingly. Stories are great for sharing quick, constant information with your followers. Although some people may believe that because stories are short lived they're not worth putting effort into; while in reality it may be the main brand touchpoint for your audience and therefore should be treated with more significance.

Because stories are so popular, it's easy to quickly skip through them. Mojo decided to focus on creating animated templates as they're more likely to retain audience attention.

A brief overview.

Mojo is an app available on the Google Play and Apple App Store for free download. It is dedicated to the making of professional-grade animated content for social media, specifically stories. Stories primarily serve as a means of showing friends, followers, and audiences what you're up to while maintaining a clean feed. It's ideal for topical content and throwaway messages, making it a popular promotional tool.

This explains why Mojo businesses find Mojo and its offerings so attractive. The app caters to almost every business, for example, a restaurant, online store, apparel business, etc. It comes with over 400 templates that users can customise to convey a unique message. Mojo can rapidly convert a single image and some text into content that you would pay a motion designer money to create.

Mojo is more than just a tool for creating remarkable stories. You can also craft compelling animated content in other formats, namely TikTok reels, Insta posts, YouTube intros, and many more. The app comes with a bunch of themed templates. The changes you can make within these templates include colour palettes, text effects, backgrounds, and several others.

Simply put, you'll have a hard time creating content that looks bad in Mojo.

What makes it unique.

In terms of uniqueness, the consistency of quality is what stands out on mojo. Each animation rolled out by the app is slick with minimal but tasteful graphics. Small businesses will find their content looking professional, while larger scale corporations can effortlessly produce more relatable graphics. In other terms, the perfect relationship between creative design and a professional finish.

On mojo you have the option to use the app for free, or join the mojo pro community. For small companies with more simplistic content needs, the free version might prove sufficient. However, if you're a consistent user who posts regularly, you might want to upgrade to mojo pro to receive full access to the app.

From a business perspective, the premium version means the ability to integrate logos and customised typography, resulting in more brand-consistent content. It also means unlocking a more comprehensive range of templates, different orientations, more text styles, and fonts.

The full package.

For an award-winning tool with such a deep arsenal of designs, templates, fonts, the app is quite affordable for businesses. It comes at a £19.99 yearly or £4.99 monthly subscription, which is a reasonable charge to transform any business into an expert storyteller.

But there's no rush. The trial version is just a click away and completely free to get a feel so you can decide if you need the basics or upgrade to a premium account. There's nothing to lose.

Using Mojo.

Another remarkable aspect of this app is the intuitive and easy-to-use nature of the interface. Getting started is a breeze. You only have to follow a step-by-step procedure from the moment the app installs. Below are the steps:

  • Select a template. Mojo contains an extensive library of templates for different purposes and content types and finding your preferred template shouldn't be a challenge. Just make sure you go through to see all options at your disposal. If you can share with a friend or family, Mojo allows you to keep a premium template.
  • Customise your template. In the template section, you can modify the current template and get previews of other templates in your media. You have the option to make changes to the colours, music, format, media format, duration, and layout. For instance, in the layout section, you can change how your video or show displays in the story.
  • Edit your text. Another cool thing about Mojo is the different assortments of typography styles, including kinetic text animations to font sizes of various types.
  • Export. When you're satisfied with your edits, the app allows you to preview and export by sharing or saving elsewhere.

More than 10 million people have chosen to use mojo to upgrade their content. In a few simple steps, the app enables anyone with a smartphone to create, customise, and share professionally designed stories across any social platform. By doing this, it gives users time back to focus on what's really important.

Given the rising popularity of the story format across leading social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, Mojo is poised to be an incentive for growth for many businesses. For those looking to turn things up a notch, the free trial of Mojo Pro is an excellent idea. Download the app here

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