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P2PB2B Review: New Crypto Exchange For Business

The term Crypto Asset covers all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin opened the door for these currencies that currently stand at 1644. These alternative coins offer different functions and utilities. Although people frequently use them for trading, these coins that offer more advantages are useful in other applications. They pride in security, equity and utility. Most start up services use their utilities as vouchers while valuing the security ticket intrinsically. However, companies use equity coupons for trading their shares via Ethereum smart contracts. The value of these digital assets depends on their existing demand and supply.

Courtesy of P2PB2B

More people use Crypto Assets to store wealth and make investments. Note that people can use BTC when trading other сryptocurrencies on several secondary exchanges online. Interestingly, some organizations accept Bit as a form of payment. Bit coins became a standard mainly because more people accept it in secondary exchanges for altcoins when initiating trade as opposed to the dollar. Additionally, they value their alternative coins against the Bit. For instance, an Ethereum costs 0.079 of a Bitcoin.

This resembles the gold standard in the US prior to 1971. Even so, gold was centralized and more stable than the digital gold, bitcoin with a dollar being equal to 1/35 ounces of gold. This strategy protected the locals from inflationary changes.

Today, altcoins pride in profitability when converted to Bits before trading. Hence, investors must find coins that develop faster than Bits in order to earn more profits.

The Review

In the past four years, people relied on p2pb2b exchange for Crypto. However, the onset of summer 2018 came with the renewal of this trading platform providing users with better practice from trading crypto. The famous p2pb2b exchange centralizes on the demands of small and large enterprises. It allows companies and sole proprietors alike to trade in сryptocurrencies. Thus, its developers opted to modify its interface as well as its entire framework.

For Business

You will appreciate the many benefits of b2b when inclined to it. For instance, all API Apps including financial services, exchangers and start-ups can get free listing on Open API. This enables new projects to attract large audiences while advanced entities offer more opportunities to their clients. Additionally, the exchange guarantees listing of new coins in 5 minutes. Note that you only have four questions on the basic listing form to respond to while awaiting further communication via email.

For ICO Projects

Founders of p2pb2b exchange realize how difficult it is for ICO projects to enter the market. Fast and simple listing procedure on the exchange for new coins will help young ICOs to find a reliable partner. The listing form has only 4 questions and the whole process takes only 5 minutes. There is a special offer for first 5 coins: a 300% discount for the listing. All you need to do is to fill in the application and your coin will be placed on the exchange within 48 hours.

For Trading

The platform supports Crypto's mission of enhancing trade. It features high performance permitting 10, 000 transactions per second. In addition, it accepts all kinds of tokens depending on the ERC20 standard. This implies that you can use it in trading many types of coins.

The platform levies minute transaction fees with traders spending 0% for ETH & BTC deposits while paying 0.2% fee for exchange coins. The website translated to seven languages offers 24/7 customer support enhancing its convenience.

For Safety

Like most exchanges, p2pb2b exchange focuses on ensuring the safety of its users' monetary assets. Therefore, it stores more than 95 % of its currency in cold wallets thus keeping them safe from hacking, data breaches and malware. Its smart screens depend on WAF technology that detects then blocks potential hackers.

Pertaining to its legality, the government recognizes the Estonian Company, p2pb2b exchange as EXRT services OU that complies by the law.

Its developers are dedicated to create one of the world's initial Hybrid Exchange (HEX). These exchanges merge the core benefits of decentralized and centralized exchanges in one. Hence, they combine the Liquidity and Functionality of CEX with DEX's confidentiality and safety. This team has more plans including:

  • Developing apps for Android and IOS
  • An extended API
  • Telegram Passport connection
  • x10 margin trading
  • Own token creation

Apparently, p2pb2b offers a reliable and fast growing trading platform that is convenient to both companies and individuals. You can access their website to trade and gather more information.

Benefits of Crypto Assets

Crypto currency offers more merits to its users when weighed against other form of money. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eliminating fraud: Since Crypto fall under digital currencies, fraudsters cannot forge its denominations, as is the case with printed notes. The inability to reproduce counterfeit crypto currencies makes this type of money safe for use. In addition to that, the reliance of smart contracts allows traders to carry on with their dealings with more trust.
  • Decentralization: Crypto currencies operate on a network that depends on user-to-user platforms. Hence, anyone with a computer or corresponding device can access the currency. Luckily, most computers support block chain technology that manages crypto currencies' databases jointly. Therefore, it eradicated centralized managers from controlling financial transactions. Fortunately, the high cost of quantum computing minimizes most attacks on principal block chains.
  • Universal cognoscibility: interest rates, exchange rates and transaction charges do not affect crypto because the latter is independent of exchange rates. This enhances sped while minimizing transaction costs making crypto ideal for international transaction.
  • Asset transfers: Ethereum powers the smart contracts that confirm liquidity of equity and assets. They allow for transfer of valuable assets in the absence of intermediaries.
  • Easy accessibility: Anyone interested in crypto with access to the internet can access crypto assets at no cost. It does not limit anyone. Furthermore, the development and spread of technology implies everybody can get these assets.
  • Enhanced confidentiality: Crypto currencies come in diverse forms in terms of confidentiality. If you desire utmost confidentiality, you should use Monero.
  • Zero Theft: Crypto uses different sending and receiving addresses that enhance its security. For example, rather than pocket out your credit card to traders who could preserve them for future transactions, you simply send an asset to the same trader and end your dealings. Then, you can use a hardware wallet when dealing with large crypto assets.

Owing to these advantages, Crypto is advancing in popularity globally. Furthermore, more people opt for it when making purchases and investments. Above all, it allows you to manage your account independently

Nevertheless, Crypto has its share of darkness. For instance, their prices always fluctuate making their adaption difficult to users. In fact, people shun from using Crypto assets in their daily transactions because of this instability. Even so, this problem will end as the currency develops over time.

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