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Wi-Fi Wherever Pull in, fill up, log on and download.

By Eric Bender

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If you're one of the 40 million Americans who spend most ofthe day on the road, the Internet may soon be just a "fillup" away. Not only are telecom giants like T-Mobiledistributing Wi-Fi Web access across thousands of walk-in coffeeshops and bagel emporiums, but new ventures also want you to driveup and log on in front of gas stations, burger joints andconvenience stores.

Starting with 350 locations in Arizona, a ToshibaAmerica/WorkingWild partnership plans to turn some 8,000 Circle Kmarkets and ConocoPhillips-affiliated gas stations into hotspots bymid-2004. Similarly, Cometa Networks hopes to be dishing up Wi-Fiat another 20,000 gas stations a few months later.

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