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Don't let your sinking dotcom customers take you down with them.

This story appears in the May 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Heard about the latest dotcom company to bite the dust? Yourinterest in that question likely will be affected by whether youhave dotcoms on your customer list and how much of your receivablesthese high-risk operations are responsible for.

Of course, when a customer is in financial trouble, itdoesn't matter much whether it's a dotcom or any other typeof company. It's just that your chances of taking a hit aregreater these days when you're dealing with dotcoms. "Thetechnology area is going to be up and down for the next severalyears, and these are very risky customers," says Warren E.Agin, an attorney with Swiggart & Agin LLC in and authorof Bankruptcy and Secured Lending in Cyberspace (Bowne &Co.).

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