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Don't Waste Your Time

If you work at home and get frequent visitors, follow these tricks to avoid common wastes of time.

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First, arrange your furniture in a way that does not make peoplefeel overly welcome and comfortable. (If you deal regularly withclients, however, this advice does not apply.) If someone remains achronic, unwelcome drop-in, diplomatically let him or her know thatyou have work to do and will socialize only after office hours. Itmight help to have a script arranged if you are afraid offloundering. Don't feel bad. Remember that this is one aspectof running a business. The other party should feel apologetic fornot demonstrating more sensitivity where you are concerned. Anothermethod you can implement when people stay just a bit too long is tohave a few closings at hand that will help them get the picture.You might say, "Before you go." or, "Before wewrap up, is there anything else you wanted to cover?" Be asbusinesslike as possible at all times.

Excerpted from Starting a Home-based Business

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